1. Can I cancel my orders?

Yes! You can easily cancel your order within 24 hours from the time you placed it. But since we offer customer products, beyond this time frame, no order can be canceled.

2. I have issues with the size. What can I do?

We get this the most. So, the first thing we advise buyers is to select their size very carefully. They can connect to us for more assistance in this department.

That being said, in case if you have issues with the size of the product, we will make sure the required alterations are done quickly. Just email us your request at contact@ambikalal.com. Our team will get in touch with you soon and upon confirmation we will initiate reverse pickup to fix the problem. As an alternative, if confirmed by our customer executive, you can send the product to our warehouse address directly. You will be compensated INR 150 in your next order as a reimbursement.

3. What if I don’t find the exact size?

Just place the order for the size that comes closest to your desired size. Before working on any custom orders, our team usually calls the customers for final confirmation. Over call, you can tell us the size you want, and we will work accordingly.

4. What if I want to make alterations in the product I purchased?

We are open to comply with your request. For more information, kindly check the Alteration section on our Return Policy webpage.

5. Can I return my product if I don’t like it?

There are certain terms and clauses that limit the possibility of return and refunds for us. The biggest factor in the process is that we make custom products. So, accepting their returns would mean a huge loss to us. To know more about this, kindly refer our Return Policy page.

6. Why isn’t there COD option?

Over the course, we have come across many frauds on COD. There have been many instances when the receiver declined to pay the courier personnel, snatched the parcel and never paid. Also, some people placed fake orders and gave false addresses. So, we have collectively decided to shut down the Cash on Delivery option. Because instances like these put financial constraints on our operational end. And as a start-up, it’s something we can’t effectively cushion at the moment. However, the idea to bring COD option back always breathes. And we can make it happen in the coming months and years.

7. How can I trust you guys? What if I pay and never get the product?

There are many layers that protect the rights and interests of our customers. One of the biggest one is our payment partners. We have teamed with leading and RBI approved entities who assure you of smooth refund in case of any fraud from our side (something that will never happen). If we fail to deliver your product even after taking your money, you can place a formal complaint with our payment partners. In the investigation, if we are found guilty, your total sum will be refunded by them.

8. What if the product is defective?

Our end products, before getting delivered, go through several quality checks. So, customers receiving defect products are always out of question. However, in case if you have ended up with a defected product, you can contact us immediately and initiate a return.

9. What if the color and quality aren’t the same that I ordered?

We make sure our products are WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get). So, there’s virtually no chance of any difference in color and quality of what you have ordered and what you have received. However, if there is an error from our side, rest assured; we promise to resolve it in your interest at the earliest. For more information, refer our Return Policy.

10. What if the quality of the product is cheap?

Each product accompanies a description that explains in detail what kind of fabric material is used, what kind of zips we have employed and so forth. To our best ability, we try to keep the description and other details as factual correct as possible. So, the custom product that you receive falls in direct line with the kind of quality that the description explains you will get. Besides, here at Ambika.com, we obsess superior quality atop everything. We have created a name for ourselves in the industry because of our commitment towards quality. So, you can bet on it that the quality of the product will never be cheap.

11. Do the same rules, terms and policies apply if I order on Instagram?

Yes. Even if you have placed your order on our official Instagram page, you are bound by the same terms, conditions, and policies that guide this website.