We, here at Ambika.com, take your privacy very seriously. So, to ensure your data remains safe, we take stringent measures on a regular basis to counter possible leakages, cyber-attacks, theft attempts, and other challenges. This privacy policy is a full disclosure of how we deal with your (“customer”, “visitor”, “user”, “you”) data—what information do we collect, how we collect it, how we use it, what we do to protect it, and so forth. Also, as a leading industry name that strives to be as transparent as possible, the document is our outlined commitment to be a trustworthy and reliable entity that follow international data protection standards and guidelines. By continuing the use of this website (“www.ambika.com” “Ambika.com” “site” “platform”) – in any way or form – you’re providing your full consent to the terms and conditions mentioned in this privacy policy document. If you disagree with any of the following, kindly leave the website.

What information we collect

In order to fulfill the request and enhance the user experience, we collect a range of information that users provide voluntarily and involuntarily. Voluntarily, users provide their basic details including name, email, phone number, address, card details and more to access, avail and participate in our offerings, which includes subscribing to our newsletters, paying for our products, customizing your orders and getting delivery. These details are stored safely to facilitate and enhance further communication between us and users. In addition, we may also collect a few other personal information, as and when needed, if deemed fit to improve our efforts to better serve users. Note, the information you provide at the time of registration, like card details, address and phone number, you can always change them for better accuracy directly from your profile. Or, you can contact us to provide you with more assistance in the update process.

Our website uses cookies. These are small text files that, if given permission by the users’ browser, get stored in the browser to collect and store information about the users’ browsing behavior and more. The permission to allow cookies lies strictly to the end users—they can accept or deny it. However, if denied, the core features of the website might not perform as intended. Note, the information that cookies collect is very basic in nature, including your browser type, OS, time spent on website, demography and so forth. They are automatic. And moreover, they can never be used to identify the end users. So, when you visit the website and accept cookies, you can continue using all its features with no worries of your privacy. You remain anonymous.

How we use your information?

The information we collect, which users provide voluntarily and involuntarily, are used in a number of ways—all meant to facilitate user access to our offerings, to fulfill user orders, and to enhance user experience. When you subscribe, the personally identifiable information collected is used to enable communication. When placing an order, the personally identifiable information you provide, they are used to meet your request; to place sales order and to make product delivery. In addition, they are also used to resolve disputes, address queries and troubleshoot problems. The information that cookies collect, they are used to enhance user experience. We use the information to improve various aspects of our offerings – like the site’s design and content – to customize the user experience and deliver them a higher level of satisfaction.

How do we protect your information?

We take all the possible measures to ensure that the information we collect, in any way and form, provided by users voluntarily or involuntarily, are safe and secured at all cost. Our infrastructure is highly robust, up to date all the time and in sync with global standards, that ensures maximum data protection. We use the best tools and procedures that add more layers of security to user data. Aside from regular automated checks, to prevent data leakages, data theft and other cyber offenses, we also conduct manual tests of our system from time to time by qualified security experts. So, in short, all the information we collect remain safe and secured.

Data Disclosure

We promise to never disclose the collected information of our users. The data we collect is never shared, nor sold, with anyone. However, circumstances may come when we may have to share information with law enforcement and regulatory bodies, if ordered by judicial authorities, to supplement legal proceedings and investigations. Even in such instances though, we assure to use the best judgment to never jeopardize the privacy of our users. Aside from this, to offer our services and products to users, we may naturally share user information to trusted and globally recognized third-parties – with reasonable restrictions to entirely protect our users’ right of privacy – which includes, but not limited to, advertisers, sellers, internal service providers,

Additional Terms

  • We hold the right to restrict or terminate your use of this website and any of our products and services, as and when needed, without any prior notification.
  • If you are under 18 years, you are not legally qualified to make a purchase on the website. If you are under this age restriction, your request must be made by your legal guardian on your behalf.
  • The contents on this website are copyright protected, unless otherwise stated. You cannot use, edit or reproduce any of it, anywhere, without the prior permission by the rightful owner of that property.
  • We reserve the right to change, modify, add or scrap any of these terms on this privacy policy document, as and when needed, without any prior notification to users. So, it’s requested that to keep up with the updated privacy policy, you refer the document on a regular basis.

If you have any question or need more information, contact us today.