The following terms and conditions (“terms” “conditions” “agreement”) documents and models the relationship Ambika (“” “we” “us” “our” “website”) share with users (“customers” “visitors” “subscribers” “viewers” “you” “your”). Access and use of this website, as well as our products and services, in any way or form, are subject to these terms and conditions. By continuing the use of the website and any of its components, you’re providing full consent to following terms and conditions, along with the clauses that may be introduced, as and when needed, in the future. In case, if you disagree or have an objection, kindly leave the website.

  • You’re prohibited from misusing this website in any way or form. Committing or encouraging any criminal offense, distributing a virus, posting malicious contents, hacking into any component of this website, infringe upon others’ rights, involve in spams, attempt to affect or manipulate the performance of any dimension of the website, and more—these are prohibited. Breaching this provision may not only lead to the termination of your access of the website but can also call in legal action that falls within the foot of Indian Laws. In the process, if you or any of the users get affected or sustain damage of any kind, without limitation, we are not liable for it in any way.
  • All the contents we use on the website (brand names, logos, texts, images, videos and more) might not necessarily be owned by us. We use them for reference purpose and do not intend to abuse any copyright law. Unless otherwise mentioned explicitly, we are not connected or/and affiliated to any such third-party and their contents. Just including or using them on the website doesn’t mean we endorse or vouch for their credibility and offerings. If the respective owners/third-parties of the contents have any problem with our usage, they can intimate the issue with our team. We would ensure swift action upon seeing the copyright certificate. Any user misusing, modifying, re-purposing and re-publishing these contents, anywhere with no prior permission of the respective owners, will be liable to the copyright terms and conditions of that owner.
  • You retain all the rights of the contents that you post or submit on this website. However, for contents that are covered by the intellectual property rights, you voluntarily provide us few permissions including, without any limitation, the license to use, reproduce, share, edit, publish, translate and distribute them, in whole or part, in any way or form that we deem fit. This permission gets terminated when you delete your contents or account with us; we will have no right to use the content from thereon without your voluntary permission. Note though, even after removal of your content, data may still be left out in our system, as a backup or any form. And we’re not obligated to proactively delete those contents. If you don’t want to grant us the permission, you are asked not to post or submit on the website.
  • When you place your order to purchase a product, your request is subject to a few terms and conditions. All orders are subject to availability, as well as our final confirmation, which we can use to deny the fulfillment or request for any reason that we deem fit. There are no guarantees on the delivery time. Given certain circumstantial reasons, we are not responsible for any delays in order processing, dispatch, and final delivery. There can be a slight difference between the products depicted in the images and the one that you get delivered. All the advertised prices of the product are subject to change and fluctuations due to tax, inflation, international exchange rate, discounts and offers with no prior notification to anyone. By continuing with your request to purchase our products, you provide full consent our return, refund, and other related policies. If you get involved with content or product of any third-party, your rights fall within the jurisdiction of that third-party and we are not responsible for any loss of any form that you may sustain.
  • We try to be as transparent and clear in our communication. But our efforts may include certain errors, like typographical. So, we’re not accountable for errors in, but not limited to, product images, descriptions, and pricing. In case we detect such errors, we ensure, but are not obligated, to inform the customers and relevant parties, and take appropriate actions following that. Similarly, if you notice any such inaccuracies, we request you to report us about it for rectification. All customer orders are subject to availability. We may also implement several other clauses, as and when needed, in case the request cannot or won’t be fulfilled. Upon receiving the orders, we do industry standard pre-authorization check on the payment to confirm the transaction. Products are not processed and dispatched until this process is successfully concluded.
  • We, occasionally, when needed, include links and contents to/of other websites for various purposes, including to enhance our propositions and provide more value to users. When you access such links and contents, your rights fall in the jurisdiction of the owners of that respective content. Also, as a website or account holder, you are permitted to link to our website and content on other channels, provided it falls within the terms and policies, in a way that does not damage our reputation, harm our interests and bring legal proceedings against us.
  • We do not warrant any guarantees and condition, of any form, for our offerings, which includes, but not limited to, our products, services, product descriptions, pricing and performance of the website. The same applies for our advertisers, users and involved parties who implicitly exclude all the guarantees and conditions in the way they communicate and function. We are not liable for any loss and/or damage that users sustain, in any way or form, of any kind, without limitation, that includes, but isn’t limited to, loss caused financially, psychologically and physically. Users are advised to access, initiate communication, use and get involved with us and our offerings, as well as our third-parties’, with their sole discretion to prevent and deal with any possible foreseeable and unforeseeable loss or damage of any kind sufficiently. In accordance with the provisions of Indian law, Ambika remains non-liable, without limitation, to any form of loss or damage you sustain. Additionally, in case, if our liabilities are challenged beyond the extent of these terms and conditions, or if we’re falsely held responsible, liable, you agree to indemnify and defend the rights, interests and goodwill of Ambika, which includes its directors, officers, employees, associates, partners, agents and third-parties.
  • In case if any of the terms, conditions, and provisions in this document, or any of our other policies, deem unfit, unqualified and unenforceable, the other parts of the document(s) remain enforced and in effect and, in accordance, the relationship between us and users shall not be affected. We hold complete right to add, change, remove or vary any of the clauses and sub- clauses on this document, as well as others, in any way or form as deem fit, in its absolute discretion, with no prior notification to anyone. So, it’s is advised to refer the webpage regularly to stay up-to-date all the time.

These terms and conditions are formed in sync with the footings of the Indian penal code. In case of any kind of dispute and/or claim, arising out of any situation and condition, that dispute and/or claim will be subject to the jurisdiction of Indian law. In case if you have any query or require more information, kindly contact us.